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The Ultimate List Of Curly Hair Salons in Australia

Help! Who can cut my curly hair?

Don't worry, we've got your back. Below is a long-awaited, snapshot list of curly hairdressers across Australia (and some in NZ!). Thank us later.

There's such a thing as 'curly' hairdressers?

Yes, it is true! There is such a thing as certified Curl Specialists. And with that, curly hair products that are designed to suit varying natural hair textures. Being anxious about your curls and not knowing if there is a hairdresser that will not be intimidated by your curls, is a very normal widespread issue. Luckily, more and more hairdressers are becoming experienced in the craft of curly hair cutting, working with natural textures day-in-day-out to help you unlock your beautiful curls. Coupled with curly hair education, they will teach you how to take home that knowledge so you can achieve similar results when back at home and continue to maintain the health of your curls.

But where are they?

However, when it comes to finding the perfect hair salon for your curly locks, or one near to you, the struggle is real. But fear not, because we've curated a list of the best hair salons in Australia that specialize in curly hair. Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, these salons have talented stylists who understand the unique needs of curly hair and can transform your locks into stunning, head-turning masterpieces. So bid farewell to those bad hair days and get ready to embrace your natural curls with confidence. Let's dive into the world of the best hair salons for curly hair in Australia.

What technique do they use?

Each curly hairdresser has their own practiced method for achieving results. However, across the board, dry curl-by-curl cutting tends to be the most popular method for curly haircuts, and many curl specialists do not feel comfortable cutting curls wet (though please note this does not count for all curl specialists). The reason they opt for dry curl cuts is owing to curl shrinkage. Curls tend to 'stretch out' when they are wet, providing a misleading final hair length. When the curls are cut wet, they will spring back up when dry, and you may find your hair much shorter than wanted, or more uneven, if you cut curls wet. That being said, some curl specialists have refined their technique for precision wet curly haircuts, or they have other reasons for cutting the hair wet. Always have a thorough consultation with your curl specialist as to the approach they adopt, and how it is suitable for your hair texture and curl type. 

All certified Curl Specialists will have undertaken professional curly hairdressing courses, a few to mention are: Lorraine Massey's Curl by Curl, Scott Musgrave's Curly Hair Artistry, Nubia Rezo's Rezo Cut.

Without further ado, here is the list of curly hairdressers by state. If you can't see a salon close to you, please note we are working on a larger list and this will be available for download soon. 


Victoria (VIC): 

Studio Hi Gorgeous:
Curl Stylist with an emphasis on curly hair education to help you naturally embrace your curly hair. 
Stylist: Elise

Tom Zappala Haircutting
Stylist: Tom Zappala

📍Brunswick East

Neel Loves Curls:

Melbourne's first curly hair salon in Australia - open for 9.5 years and offering a myriad of curly hair education alongside your curly cut!
Stylist: Neel
📍Fitzroy, Victoria

Hair by Fleur Alison:

Working out of West Geelong, Fleur has over 15 year's experience in hairdressing and is a curly hair guru! She is a curly hair product connoisseur and really knows her curls back to front. She provides an in-depth consultation and also can help provide support for curly kids.
Stylist: Fleur
📍West Geelong 

Second Story Salon:
Run by two curl specialists combined with over 30 years of experience, with different curly hair textures. They specialise not only in curly hair cutting, but providing you with education so you can take home knowledge on how to take care of your curls after your appointment.
Stylist: Trish

Travelling Curl / Jess Jacobs
Specialising in curly hair, dry cutting and teaching the curly girl method
Stylist: Jess

Curl Next Door: 
Sunbury-based curly hair specialist.
Stylist: Rebecca Gauci


New South Wales (NSW): 

Mousey Browne:
Ladies and gents hairdresers that specialist in dry hair cutting and curly hair cuts.
Stylist: Tara
📍Surry Hills

Maiden Hair:
Dry curly haircutting specialists that also specialise in colour.
Stylist: Jonina/Hayley
📍South Nowra

Haylo Hair:
A team of curly hairdressers on a mission to help you embrace your naturally curly hair.
Stylist: Hayley

Curly and Co Hair: 
A team of experienced hairdressers that have now become kinky and curly hair specialists.
Stylist: Helen
📍Tweed Heads

Project One Hair: 
Lucas and Nicole have built a very strong reputation for cutting and styling naturally curly textured hair, using a free-hand technique cutting each individual curl.
Stylist: Lucas/Nicole
📍 Chippendale

Yeah The Curls: 
Stylist: Kim/Helen

Rebel Curls:
Stylist: Jill
📍Byron Bay


Queensland (QLD):

Harlequin Hair: 
Brisbane-based curly hair specialist salon.
Stylist: Steve/Tanya
📍 Moorooka

Purely Curls:
A curl-centric salon whose work focuses on dry-cutting curls individually and providing in-salon education for curlies and for hairdressers.
Stylist: All staff/Amanda

Samantha Thorn:
27 years of experience in hairdressing, specialising in curly hair cuts and management and colour.
Stylist: Samantha
📍 Gold Coast

A Beautiful You
Experienced curly hairdresser Sherie provides dry curly hair cuts, consultation and curly haircare education.
Stylist: Sherie
📍 Gympie

Hair Love Artistry:
Based at The Hair Hub, Buderim - Danielle is an experienced curly hairdresser offering dry and wet curly hair cuts with an in-depth consultation.
Stylist: Danielle
📍 Buderim


South Australia (SA): 

The Curl Collective:
Stylist: Lou Marshall

Jarnell Cut Curl Colour:
📍 Kilburn


Western Australia (WA): 

Perth Curls
Rita Semedo is the curl stylist that will be working with you, using Everescents as her product range of choice, one of her specialties is curly hair routine creation.
Stylist: Rita Semedo
📍 Subiaco

Danika Durack Hair
Curl specialist at 'The Curly Bird Hair Sanctuary'
Stylist: Danika
📍 Albany

Aoki Hair:
A leading curly hair salon with an award-winning curl specialist Jenni Spence, their approach is to keep curly hair care simple and accessible.
Stylist: Jenni
📍 Mt Pleasant


Tasmania (TAS):

Wenz Hair:
Wrenn has over 35 years' experience as a hairdresser and is fully trained in all cutting, stylist and hydrating of curly textured hair.
Stylist: Wrenn
📍 Launceston

Pirie Street Hair:
Stylist: Amanda
📍 Newtown

Eye Am Hair:
A proudly green and vegan salon that is devoted to minimizing impact on the environment with experienced hairdressers that celebrate your natural hair texture.
📍 Hobart


Australian Capital Territory (ACT):

Fabric Hair Salon:
📍 Canberra

The Hair Room at Mawson:
📍 Mawson


Northern Territory (NT):

Vanilla Hair Studio:
📍 Darwin

Kabuki Haircutters:
Stylist: Therese/Dougie
📍 Darwin


New Zealand:

Tahni Daniels Hair

Wellington's curly hair specialist, shaping your hair curl by curl and working with all curly hair types from wavy to kinky coily curls.



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Conclusion: Embrace Your Natural Curls with Confidence

Finding the perfect hair salon for your curly locks has never been easier with our carefully curated list of the best hair salons for curly hair in Australia. From Victoria to Western Australia, each salon on our list has a team of talented and passionate stylists who know how to unleash the beauty of your curls. So why wait? Book an appointment and get ready to embrace your natural curls with confidence. It's time to rock your fabulous locks and show the world the beauty of curly hair.

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