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What is Jessicurl? Well, that’s not a cut and dry question to answer. Founded by Jessica McGuinty, on the surface, Jessicurl is a line of products for people with curly hair. It’s also a philosophy. One where you are not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to love your curly hair in its natural state, stop straightening it, and realize that You Have the Right To Remain Curly!  Of course, the high quality products make it that much easier and I’m eager to share their ingredients philosophy with you.

The future of Jessicurl is looking great. In February 2023, during their 20th anniversary, they re-launched the look of the products and the website to better reflect the brand that Jessicurl has become. Strong. Powerful. Confident in our naturally curly state. The best is yet to come for curls, and for Jessicurl, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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